I overcome linguistic boundaries and shorten the distance between you and your partners to create new opportunitie

Let me think: your business is growing and in order to capitalise on your success, you know that you can’t miss out on business opportunities that continue to arise abroad.


The only problem is that you’re an expert in your field, not a linguist: your English is a little rusty and you wouldn’t feel so confident networking with people who speak a foreign language. You’re afraid of muddling your words or, even worse, distorting the meaning of an important concept and causing misunderstandings.

And believe me: the chances of that happening are all the more likely if you translate emails and official documents with Google Translate, or have them translated by your cousin who lived in London for two months!

Deciding to trust an expert translator, especially in professional contexts, can make a crucial difference, because good communication is the basis for successful business.

And that’s where my help comes into play.

I translate from English, Spanish and German into Italian.

I help you communicate with your foreign suppliers and customers, translating all types of texts accurately and eloquently: from the simplest documents, such as daily email correspondence, to more complex matters, such as manuals, company brochures and official documents.

As I told you, I specialise in medical and pharmaceutical translations, which means that I have extensive knowledge of the technical and specialist language in the world of health.

Furthermore, I have experience in translating specialised texts from various other fields.

I pride myself on paying great attention to effective terminology research, because I believe it is essential to have access to the correct technical and specialised terms which express every single word faithfully. I love my job and am always interested in acquiring new lexical knowledge.

Here is a description of my main areas of expertise – I am sure that, working together, we can find the solution that best suits your needs.

Medicine and health

I have worked in the medical, pharmaceutical and scientific translation sector for over ten years (if you want to know who I’ve worked for and what I studied, take a look at my CV).

I translate medicine package leaflets, informed consent documents, clinical studies, patent applications, medical records, medical reports, hospital information brochures, scientific publications and scientific articles in specialised journals.

In this field, terminological precision and scientific rigour are essential, because precise and accurate translation can, sometimes, truly be a life-saver. My expertise is grounded in extensive study and I endeavour to improve my skills constantly.

Travel and Tourism

I translate tourist brochures for travel agencies or tour operators, tourist guides, descriptions of itineraries and activities, reviews and advertisements for hotels and restaurants.

Communicating clearly in a foreign language is crucial in order to convince potential visitors to book a trip or to help a tourist find their way around an unfamiliar city. But in this field, precision is not enough.
A translator must also be capable of describing customs and traditions in an appealing way, even though often the other language does not have any equivalent words.

Translating tourist texts means portraying a culture in its best light: sounds, flavours, colours and scents are the toolbox of any convincing advertising message which also accommodates target culture’s expectations.

Marketing and advertising

I provide any translation services that a company’s marketing or communication division could ever need: advertising slogans, brochures and catalogues, radio or television commercials, product sheets, texts for the company website and much more.

What distinguishes this type of translation from others is its specific aim: to sell a product or a service. To achieve this, the message must be truly effective, persuasive and engaging, in order for it to work in the target country.

A literal translation, faithful as it may be to the original text, will never be up to the mark: a single advertisement can be received differently by recipients who speak different languages and whose culture is determined by different mindsets. When translating creative texts and advertising content, it is essential that the original message is expressed in the most effective way, adapting it to suit the culture and market in which the translation will be used. This process is called “localisation” in the technical jargon.


This field includes technical translations of manuals, instruction booklets, safety data sheets, catalogues for specialised staff and training resources for employees.

This kind of translation requires very advanced technical and specialist skills, which I have developed over the course of my career, as well as precise terminological research to guarantee the highest standards of lexical rigour in compliance with sector standards.

Thanks to MemoQ (a computer aided translation software), glossaries and other specialised terminological resources, I can translate all types of technical documents while ensuring uniformity, precision and technical consistency with the original text.

All of my clients benefit from a so-called translation memory: put briefly, I collect all the technical terms I translate and use them again in other similar translations. This even allows me to grant discounts to returning clients whenever I can reuse previously translated passages of text.

How the translation service works


Assessment of the text to be translated
First of all, I conduct a general assessment of the text to be translated, evaluating its content, length, complexity and the specified source and target languages. To do this, you will need to upload the text (or an extract of it) in the form at the bottom of this page and specify any special requirements and deadlines to be respected.


Free quote
After completing the assessment, I prepare an entirely free quote and define the delivery time for my translation. If you accept my quote, I will send you an invoice for a deposit corresponding to 30% of the total in order to begin the project.


I start from the text and enter the heart of my profession: I read, analyse and carry out terminological research. Then I start translating.


When I have finished the translation, I will send it to you in the same format as I received it (Word, PDF, InDesign etc.), that is, keeping the same layout as the original document. After delivery, I remain at your disposal for a week for any doubts, clarifications and small changes.


Maximum service personalisation: your needs are my priority. Before beginning the translation, I listen to you to learn more about your goals and requirements.
For example, if you’re planning to advertise your business abroad, I will make sure to convey all the cultural references to make your business appealing to potential new foreign customers.

High specialisation: I am well acquainted with the specific terminology of all my fields of work, thanks to my strong academic grounding and my drive to improve my skills continuously.

However, I believe that my main strength is in the medical and pharmaceutical sector. This is because I have learned a great deal in this field, both from attending courses in a Nursing degree and by translating medical texts of all kinds over the last ten years.

Timely delivery: If I accept a job and insert it in my calendar, I always respect the specified delivery date.

And I won’t abandon you after delivery: I will remain at your disposal afterwards for any doubts, clarifications and changes.

How much it costs

The cost of a specialised translation depends on the length of the text, its difficulty and the urgency you have. This is why I prefer to carry out a general assessment before preparing a personalised quote for you.

As a rough idea, I can inform you that the average price of a specialised translation is €0.13 per word from the source text. For urgent requests (i.e. translations delivered within 24 hours), a 30% surcharge normally applies.

Furthermore, if over time you continue to use my services for multiple translations, you will begin to benefit from the so-called “translation memory” that I manage for you. In this way, I will be able to give you a discount on any passages that I have already translated previously.


Do you want to know if I am the right partner for your project?

Fill out the form below to get a free quote, with no obligation to buy.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How many words can you translate per day?
      It depends on the length and difficulty of the text. Generally, if it is an ordinary and non-urgent request, I can translate between 1500 and 1800 words per day. If you need a translation back by a specific date, please specify the exact day in the quote request form.
    • As well as translations from English, Spanish and German into Italian, do you also translate other foreign languages into Italian and vice versa?
      Yes. Thanks to my network of native speakers, I am able to offer translations in most other language combinations such as for example Arabic-Italian, Japanese-Italian but also Italian-Chinese.
    • Do you translate legal texts?
      I do not translate legal texts personally, because legal translation is not one of my specialisations, but I use my network to identify a translator competent in the legal sector who is better suited to your needs.
    • Can you provide sworn or certified translations?
      No, but for this kind of translation, I can put you in contact with colleagues who can handle your request.
    • When you carry out the translation, can you maintain the original layout?
      Of course! I deliver the translation in the same format as I received it (e.g. Word, InDesign, editable PDFs, etc.), and I can guarantee you that it will have the exact same layout as the original document.
    • I need somebody to proofread a translation that I have done myself. Can you take care of it?
      Yes. Take a look at my proofreading and reviewing service.
    • Do the prices shown on this page include VAT?
      I am registered under the Italian VAT forfeit scheme, therefore all prices are VAT-free. At the moment, I don’t apply the optional 4% INPS Italian social security contribution.
    • When do I have to pay for the translation?
      Payment should be made within 30 days, but for large jobs with new customers I reserve the right to require a 30% deposit.
    • How can I pay for the translation?
      You can pay via bank transfer or PayPal. All the necessary details to carry out the payment can be found on the invoice.