Training for translators

Let’s build a path together: your path.

You are a freelance translator at the beginning of your career, you know the tools of the trade and would like to learn how to use them better, but you’re afraid that certain courses are too superficial or won’t meet your specific needs.

Or maybe you have been translating for a long time, you are very competent and your clients appreciate your expertise, but you feel that it is time to specialise in order to offer them a more competent service or expand into new sectors.

What I can do for you

I have been working as a translator for many years, and thanks to my experience in the field, I can teach you everything I have learned, helping you improve your skills with targeted training ranging from the practical management of a freelance business to translation methodology, from assisted translation software to specialised domain terminology.

Basic training

You have already started your translation career, but you’d like a nudge in the right direction. Or you need to establish yourself as self-employed by registering a VAT number, but you just don’t know what concrete steps you need to take. We will tackle your doubts, fears and difficulties together: from translation methods to defining your rates, from registering a VAT number to online communication to advertise your services.

CAT tools: SDL Trados and MemoQ

There are various types of assisted translation tools, the so-called CAT tools (Computer Aided Translation). I work with SDL Trados and MemoQ, two steadfast allies that stand by your side to make your life and work simpler, especially when dealing with technical translations. I can explain what they are for, how they work and what advantages they bring.

Medical and pharmaceutical translation

If you’re interested in this sector and considering specialising in medicine or pharmacy, I can give you an introductory overview of medical language and the most important documents that you will need to translate. This is a sector I know well: it is one of my specialisations, and I, moreover, teach Scientific English and Translation Methodologies at university.

Literary translation

I can help you discover the world of literary translation.
Translating essays and novels is a complex job. The original text has an artistic and cultural value and, in addition to remaining faithful to the content, you must also learn to respect the form, style and emotions that the author intended to convey.

SEO, communication and marketing

For translators working the world of online texts, writing with an awareness for SEO enables you to provide your customers an even more comprehensive and effective service, ensuring that the translated content can be better indexed by search engines.

How the training service works


First, fill out the form at the bottom of this page so that I can better understand your needs. In this way, I can inform you of any upcoming training courses or if it is better to organise a personalised programme adapted to your needs.


According to your requirements, I will propose the most suitable training course for you: we can then decide the duration of the course and the topics to be covered depending on your prior knowledge and what you want to learn. This will allow you to progress in the areas that interest you most, avoiding time and money wasted on courses that are not suitable for you.


If you accept my offer, I will send you an invoice to start our training course.


We will confirm the dates and the timetable, and I will send you a link in order to access the class on Zoom, where we can begin to work together.

Who is it for

For all translators who want to improve their skills and competences through a targeted and specific training course.

This service is suitable for new translators who are entering the world of work for the first time and desire initial coaching to take their first steps with more confidence and awareness; it is also useful for experienced translators who wish to specialise in a certain field.


Personalised coaching: After assessing your requirements, I structure a personalised training programme to help you overcome obstacles and translate with greater confidence and awareness.

Flexibility: You will be able to choose the topics you want to learn about. Everything will be agreed together, to make it an engaging and enlightening experience – you’ll see!

Concrete results: The virtual classrooms consist of three to eight participants. This means that there is space to ask all questions you want; you can ask me to repeat a concept if it is not clear to you, or share your thoughts and doubts.

My advice is highly practical, because I believe in putting concrete results before personal theories.

How much it costs

Each training programme is tailor-made, so I can’t specify a general price for this service.

There are many different variables: the duration of the course, the number of lessons, the way it is carried out and your urgency. [For example: training for new translators consists of four lessons of one and a half hours and costs €150. If you are not interested in the whole course, you can also purchase single lessons for €45 each].

If you want to find out more, fill in the form with your query, and I will formulate a personalised offer for you.


Are you a translator and want to improve your skills or specialise in a specific sector?
Fill out the form below, stating the area you’re interested in.

I will create a training proposal personally tailored to your needs. We can then determine the length and the topics to cover according to your current skills and what you would like to learn.

    First date available on the calendar

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What if only need help with a single specific question?
      You can book 30 or 60 minutes of online consulting.
    • How do I know if I need a virtual class or consulting?
      The virtual classroom provides you with knowledge and tools to aid your career in the medium term, while the online consulting service can give you immediate answers on a specific topic. If you have any questions, send me an email and explain how I can help you. I will be glad to help you find the solution that is best suited to you.
    • Can I book a training course with a colleague who has the same difficulties as me?
      Of course! Send me an email specifying the number of people and the topics you want to cover. I will send you a personalised programme proposal and a price quote tailored to you.