Let’s bring some character to the translations and texts you use to advertise your business both on and offline

You know that irksome feeling that invariably furrows your brow when you’re watching a movie or reading a book and you notice a bad translation?

Well, I want to help you to stop that from happening when others read something you’ve translated.


I know that occasionally, because of budgetary requirements or company policy, a company’s website or official documents for customers or suppliers are translated internally. But I am sure you’ll agree with me that the result is not always the bee’s knees.

My proofreading service ensures that your translations are always a cut above the rest.

First of all, I make sure that you haven’t misidentified any idioms, I check for typos, correct errors, review the form and style, but above all I check if the translation is effective for its purpose or if there is something that needs to change to make the text more suitable for the target context.

If your text is a translation into a language other than Italian, after conducting a first review, I assign your text to one of my trusted native speakers for a final proofreading before delivery.

In addition to translations, I can also proofread texts written in Italian. From a simple email to internal corporate communication, from an official presentation to a brochure, from website texts to a speech for a conference.

I always read the content aloud to evaluate it as a whole: when words are in motion, their workings often start to creak, and then I can work out where a dab of oil can help make things run smoothly again. Let me take care of it.

I simplify, I move and I add.

I focus on the words’ rhythm and where necessary I change the style of the text with small adjustments, ensuring that your voice is still the one heard, and not mine.

How the proofreading service works


Evaluation of the text for proofreading
I need to take a look at the content to understand the kind of work that needs to be done. Then I can tell you straight away if it needs a simple proofreading or a thorough editing.


First of all, upload the file to be proofread in the form at the bottom of this page. Tell me something about the aim of this text and your project. Remember to specify any special requirements and deadlines to be maintained.


Free quote
After completing the assessment, I prepare an entirely free quote and define the delivery time for the proofreading. If you accept my quote, I will send you an invoice for a deposit corresponding to 30% of the total in order to begin the project.


I start to work with the text: I read it aloud several times, I analyse the structure of the information, the clarity of presentation and the textual coherence. I simplify, summarising overly complex sentences, and I correct punctuation to make the text more fluent and effective.


When I finish, I will send you the completed documents along with a reasoned explanation of the main changes made and any inconsistencies found during the proofreading. After delivery, I will remain at your disposal for a week for any clarifications.


Precise translations and effective texts: you can finally feel sure about expressing yourself with the right words and making yourself fully understood by your audience, whether they speak your language or another.

Overview: I make sure that your text is cohesive and coherent, that sentences are not overly long, that the language is easy to understand and flows seamlessly, in harmony with your communication style.

Timely delivery: if I accept a job and insert it in my calendar, I always respect the specified delivery date.

And I won’t abandon you after delivery: I will remain at your disposal afterwards for any doubts, clarifications and changes.

How much it costs

The cost depends on the length of the text, the type of changes necessary and the urgency you have.

To give you a rough idea, my proofreading service starts from a base of €0.04 per word for texts in Italian and €0.06 per word for texts in another language. However, the cost per word may vary depending on the difficulty of the text and its level of specificity, so I always prefer to evaluate the type of content before offering you a personalised quote. All my quotes include a further review by a professional mother-tongue translator. This is an extra check that I carry out to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect in terms of grammar and lexical choices.

For urgent requests (i.e. proofreading within 24 hours), a 30% surcharge applies.


Do you need proofreading for a translation you have already done or for the text of a speech you intend to make at a conference?

Fill out the form below, being sure to attach the content, so I can take a look at it and evaluate the type of work that needs to be done and send you a personalised quote.

    Text specifications
    Specify your desired delivery date:
    Upload file (max 300 kb)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • To proofread my translation, do you need the original text as well?
      Absolutely! Having the original text also allows me to determine the accuracy of your translation. Only in this way will I be able to correct it both in form and in content, highlighting any inconsistencies and errors I found during the proofreading process. This will also make it easier for me to explain the motivation behind particular changes and corrections.
    • How long does it take you to proofread a document?
      It depends on the number of words to proofread and on the type of changes necessary. If I have to proof a draft that only requires a few minor changes, such as checking for typos and correcting errors, it might take a couple of hours.
      If, on the other hand, I need to make changes at a deeper level, revising the style, reorganising the information and possibly also checking the notes and the bibliography, then it could take a little longer. In any case, if you have a particular timeframe, please let me know in the form.
    • What if I just want some advice to improve my translations?
      Take a look at my training and consulting service.
    • Do the prices shown on this page include VAT?
      I am registered under the Italian VAT forfeit scheme, therefore all prices are VAT-free. At the moment, I don’t apply the optional 4% INPS Italian social security contribution.
    • When do I have to pay for proofreading?
      Payment should be made within 30 days, but for large jobs with new customers I reserve the right to require a 30% deposit.
    • How can I pay for proofreading?
      You can pay via bank transfer or PayPal. All the details needed to carry out the payment can be found on the invoice.