I transform everything,
so that nothing changes.

I am Carlotta Borelli,
translator and university lecturer.
My job is to help people who don’t speak the same language to communicate.

For me, translation is not just about the words. To express a text correctly in a different language, it is essential to have extensive knowledge of its grammar, vocabulary and semantics.

But I believe that the greatest challenge of all is enabling the reader to understand the culture embodied in each language, while ensuring that the original meaning of the text remains the same.

That means adapting a text to the distinct mindsets, conventions and worldviews that only exist in the target language.

The multitude of languages spoken in the world can often be an invisible barrier that separates and distances people.

Since 2013, my work has helped customers overcome this boundary, building bridges consisting of words and concepts and bringing their message safely across to the other side.

I understand the nuances of one language and can recreate them eloquently and tactfully in another. In other words, I transform everything, so that nothing changes.


If you’d like to find out more about my studies and previous employers, take a look at my CV.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Languages and a Master’s in Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation. I have always been fascinated by medicine, which led me to also undertake courses in Nursing. This experience gave me the opportunity to acquire domain-specific terminology and gain greater confidence in conveying medical knowledge through my translations.

Currently, I am a freelance translator and member of the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters (AITI).

I translate from English, Spanish and German into Italian and I specialise in medicine and pharmacy.
I also work in numerous other fields, such as travel and tourism, marketing and advertising. For other specialisations and language combinations, I collaborate with experienced colleagues selected from my own well-maintained professional network.

When I’m not translating, I teach others what I have learned during my career: I am a lecturer in Specialised Translation at the University of Mantua and in Scientific English at the University of Modena.

I’m also writing a book on specialised translation, but I’ll get to that when the time comes.

What can I do for you?

If you are a business owner or self-employed, I can translate or proofread any text you need: from email correspondence with your customers and suppliers, to more complex content such as company brochures and manuals.

If, on the other hand, you are a translator and you want to specialise in domain-specific translation, or you simply want to ask a question about CAT tools or understand how to set your rates as a freelance translator, I organise personalised training courses and online consulting.

Some facts about me

  • After graduating in Languages, I studied and worked in Germany, Spain and Argentina. It was an amazing, life-enriching experience that I would repeat a thousand times again if I could.
  • The first text I translated in my career was a recipe. Too bad that the customer was Indian and the recipe contained an endless amount of spices entirely unheard-of in the Western world! I went crazy trying to figure out how to translate all those names.
  • I am always bursting with new ideas and I’m never satisfied until I can put them into practice. But then again, I am a Sagittarius – what else would you expect?!
  • Whenever I can, I escape to the mountains. It replenishes my drive to keep on trying, because no matter how many mountains you climb, there are always so many other summits still to conquer.
  • I like to get straight to the point. Simple, essential and direct.

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