I am Carlotta Borelli.

Translator from English, Spanish and German into Italian, university lecturer for Scientific English and Translation Methodologies.

In other words, I help people who speak different languages to communicate, thanks to my translation and proofreading services.

I enjoy working with businesses and entrepreneurs who trust in my expertise and recognise that Google Translate is not capable of conveying their message correctly in another language, because it does not have the sensitivity to understand the context, nuances, idioms and ambiguities that make every language unique.

As a freelance translator, I am convinced that good communication, especially in the professional world, can open great opportunities.

It’s my job to help people to avoid inconvenient mistakes and gaffes when communicating in a language that isn’t their own.


When I’m not translating, I develop personalised training courses and offer online consulting services for translators who wish to find out more about this profession, from the tools of the trade to possible specialisation paths. Interested in working together?

What I can do for you

I am a translator, proofreader and teacher. Every day, I work with words to help people communicate.
I couldn’t imagine a more gratifying job!

If you are a business owner or a freelancer

Translation service

I help you communicate with foreign suppliers and customers, translating all kinds of text for online or print purposes from English, Spanish and German into Italian: catalogues, brochures, emails and business documents.

Proofreading service

You have already written your text, but you’re not sure if it is correct. Give your writing the check-up it deserves with a thorough proofreading: I check for errors and make sure that your text is adapted to the target context.

If you are a translator

Online training

I start from your needs and plan an individual, targeted and effective training course, to help you improve your skills and competences, enabling you to acquire method and confidence in your translations.

Online consulting

30 or 60 minutes together to discuss a specific question concerning translation, to receive my support in tackling a specialised text or to set your rates as a novice freelance translator. Together, we can overcome every obstacle.


Do you have any questions about the services I offer?
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I will answer your query as quickly as possible and, if necessary, I will prepare a personalised quote to work together on your project.